About Us

FotoGems was opened in 2001 by Malcolm who started his photography and imaging career much earlier.

Diane, Malcolm's wife, works with him at weddings and during studio photography.  Her desire not to miss photographic opportunities when Malcolm is busy elsewhere has been invaluable at weddings in particular and attracting childrens attention in the studio sessions. She has also provided that secret ingredient, the "female eye" which helps our work to benefit from a broader style range.

We are a keen family couple who are good with people and especially children.

FotoGems photographic services can be booked within Photoflair's shop/studio in Romsey.  Photoflair is run by Diane during the week  and was purchased in 2008 to compliment our services.

We have a passion for our work and enjoy new challenges and locations as it keep us enthusiastic and motivated.  We are good at finding new idea's or approaches as we keep looking for the unique and attempt to keep our inventiveness fresh.  Our main wish is to provide you with memories of your occasion which you can relive with a sense of fun and pride for many years to come.

Please call us for a no pressure, no strings discussion/meeting as we attempt to make sure that you enjoy the experience of planning your event.

Our clients say

"We would again like to thank you for the wonderful photographs that you took on our special day, the more we look at them the more we love them. All of our families love them too and of course friends."
Caron & Nick at Ramsbury

"We are still really really really pleased with the pictures. Everyone has commented how lovely they are. Huge thanks again...!!"
Clare & Toby in Coventry


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