Studio Photography

Bookings for studio photography are normally taken for Sundays and evenings after 5.00 pm to avoid much of our conventional day and location work. We are especially good with children and take advantage of the fact that both Diane and Malcolm attend each studio session.  

Sessions are normally around 1 hour although please be aware that some children loose concentration after 40 minutes or so. Short breaks may be included to allow a fresh new approach or an outfit change. Makeover/portfolio or party/celebration sessions normally last around 2 1/2 hours. The makeover sessions normally involve several outfit changes and levels of makeup.  The makeup is decided upon with the makeup artist prior to the shoot.

Our approach is relaxed as we normally manage to get the best from clients. 

 Price for a typical 1 hour session is £40.00 and you should recieve a DVD with over full resolution 100 image on.  Remember, our printing is top notch and econical as well.


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