Print Options

We offer most of the options that you can think for you to enjoy your images as we manufacture quite a number ourselves including canvases, high quality prints and many other gifts.  We also offer printing at high street prices from our printing kiosks at Church Street or through our developing service. 

All of our prices are competitive as we strive to produce the best quality and value for money options.

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 Wipe Clean Canvases

10"x10" canvas print -                        £27
 8"x12" (A4 approx) canvas -              £27
12"x16/18" (A3 approx) canvas print - £37
18"x18" canvas print -                        £49
16"x24" (A2 approx) canvas print -      £62
24"x22" canvas print -                        £69
30"x20" (A1 approx) canvas print -      £79
37"x22" canvas print -                        £99

All canvases are hot laminated to improve vibrance and make them wipe clean.

Foamboard Mounting 10mm

10"x10"                      -   £8.00
8"x12" (A4 approx)       -   £8.00
12"x16" (A3 approx)      - £12.00
18"x18"                      -   £15.00
16"x24" (A2 approx)      - £22.00
24"x24"                      -   £25.00
24"x32" (A1 approx)      - £32.00
15"x40"                      -   £25.00

Price is plus print.

Picture Framing

Prices are variable depending upon the frame style chosen.  Most tend to range from £0.50 to £1.50 per linear inch run around the outside of the frame.  This includes mounts and non reflective glass.

Lots of designs to choose from.

Professional Quality Prints/Instant Print Price

7x5 inch (17.5x12.5 cm)              £3.00         /        £0.69

8x6 inch (20x15 cm)                   £4.00          /        £0.69

12/10x8 inch (30/25x20 cm)         £8.00 

18/16x12 inch (45/40x30 cm)     £18.00

20x16 inch (50x40 cm)               £28.00

24x16 inch (60x40 cm)               £35.00

30x24 inch (75x60 cm)               £48.00

All specialist sizes printed.

All images corrected to ensure best print quality.

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