Business Photography

We are well known for a wide range of business based photography. Locally, we have photographed for the Chamber of Commerce as well as both products and staff for local company web sites.local company web sites, company products and staff.   Experience with a variety of applications including fine art.

Black Tie Events

Black tie events and other formal events are photographed regularly, with some of a charitable nature.  The most notable event was being chosen as the "official (and only) photographer" for the visit of our Queen greeting dignitaries in the Town Hall in 2008 when our 400 years old charter was renewed.

Charitable Events

We have set charities that we like to support each year.  These include two cancer charities, childrens charities and animal welfare. Any approach will always be considered depending upon our workload at the time and the nature of the charity.

Staff Images for web sites

Staff can be photographed on site or in our studio.

"We are still really really really pleased with the pictures. Everyone has commented how lovely they are. Huge thanks again...!!"
Clare & Toby in Coventry

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