Print Options

Our print quality is exceptionally good thanks to our modern and colour calibrated professional printing system.  We are able to print almost any size and onto a wide variety of materials all of which are professional grade.  These include the most popular Lustre, High Matt, Titanium high impact and of course canvas.  A full range of gifts are also available. 

Our canvases are much higher quiltiy in both image quality and build terms than you are likely to find elswhere.  Firstly, we process images to get the most from them. Next, they are hot sealed with an almost invisible matt laminate to prevent reflection and fix the image which also makes them wipe clean.  The canvas is then fitted over interlocking stretcher bars and wedges then used to obtain a suitable taughtness.  As options we have a variety of different stretcher bar depths which  can be used to adjust depth.  Images can be either wrapped around the edges if suiable or produced with white or coloured edges.  These are normally ready for collection within 3 days.

Canvases may be framed to look even more impressive in special deeper frames with no glass but the cost is quite expensive compared to the cost of the canvas.  Canvas prices are very competative given the effort which goes into each one.

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A Few of the Many Canvas Options

10"x10" canvas print -                        £25
 8"x12" (A4 approx) canvas -              £25
16/18"x12" (A3 approx) canvas print - £35
20"x16" canvas print -                        £50
24"x16" (A2 approx) canvas print -      £55
24"x22" canvas print -                        £62
30"x20" (A1 approx) canvas print -      £70
39"x24" canvas print -                        £125

MDF Image Blocks with Hanging Points

7"x5"                      -   £
10"x8"        -   £
12"x8"       - £
16"x12"                      -   £
20"x16"      - £
A4                      -   £
A3    - £
                   -   £

Price is plus print.

Picture Framing

Prices are variable depending upon the frame style chosen.  Most tend to range from £0.65 to £1.85 per linear inch measuring around  the outside of the image or image mount whichever is the larger.  The price includes a mount and non reflective glass.

Lots of designs to choose from.  For the more routine frame styles and sizes we have a wide range of options to choose from as well.

Professional Quality Prints

7x5 inch (17.5x12.5 cm)                           £2.00       

8x6 inch (20x15 cm)                                £3.00       

12/10x8 inch & A4 (30/25x20 cm)             £4.00 

18/16x12 inch & A3 (45/40x30 cm)           £6.50

20x16 inch (50x40 cm)                             £12.00

24x16 inch & A2 (60x40 cm)                     £16.00

30x24 inch (75x60 cm)                             £25.00

All specialist sizes printed.  You can select our standard Heavyweight Lustre, Matt or Titanium papers.

All images corrected to ensure best print quality.

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